Thursday, September 22, 2011

trying to be good

Ok I am going to be good. I have two years of information to get to alot of people. Ok really there may not be that many people who want to know everything in our lives and really I don't share all of it.

So Kameron will be going to Antofagasta Chile for 2 years. I am so happy for this but I also will miss the kid a ton. So far we have purchased almost everything on his mission list save a few small things.

We took the kid to the Temple  He made it out alive and seemed to have a wonderful time. He wants to go back so that's a plus.

Kathy is back from her 6 week US tour. She had a wonderful time and visited many many places. see her blog for an update. (ChattyKathy)

Kyle has started his Junior year in HS. He is back to wrestling (3rd year) and working toward Varsity 220lbs. Right now he is set for JV heavyweight. He is a good example to the younger wrestlers. On a personal note he is trying out surfing. he is doing ok. He has a great time hanging with the surfing wrestlers. that should be enough of an imiage to keep you busy for a while. 

Jacs and Robert are waiting to see which residencies want to hire him. they have had some offers and will keep getting more of them. We are still praying for where he will be the best Dr. and really close to the west coast would be great.

Jacs and James are filling the days playing learning and listening to some great music.They are going to learn some sign language so that maybe James will use signs instead of screaming when he wants something.

Ok so everyone is up to speed.

I am hoping to keep us in touch every couple of days might be great.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

April and waiting

It is April and we are waiting for a baby, the sunshine, and life to tell us what happens next.

Everything is easy right now and we just wait.

let you know soon

Monday, January 25, 2010

so you are supossed to blog once a quarter right

It has been crazy.

Kids had summer

summer ate the days and school started.

Kameron became a Senior, Kathy became a Junior. Kyle Became a Freshman. I became old

Jackie and Robert called on our anniversary to tell us that we should expect a new Westbrook in April 2010. I got older

re had a birthday I thought I had last year. oh well 45 is ok I got oldest

I helped my mom try to keep her house .... lost super hero points on that one. I got older than oldest

Jac and Rob came back to Sunny CA after MI it was great. ( we hope they will have a "Home" soon) good luck studying Rob.

Had Christmas it was nice.

Had new years eve for the first time in 8 or 9 years Kory was home. I almost left 2 minutes before the hour . hey I had kids at a dance that ended at 12. I got in trouble ;)

Watched Jasc grow a person she has a cute tummy .

Went to Texas to save my mom. Found out that she liked it there and didn't really want saved anyway left her there. got even older.

Found out I have 150 years of genealogy papers the file copy and sort. I got overwhelmed.

looking forward to what comes next.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I really do Love Jacs and Robert.

So the last blog was March.... so I guess that makes me a regular blogger. once a decade makes a blog correct.

In April we had a great surprise Jacks and Robert came home (?) for Spring break. We had a great time with them we got to play and hang out. it was a very fun time. all the kids got to skip a day of school ( oops I can't post that for a week). we all learned to play a card game that kept us up way too late and was super fun.

do I have pictures?? NO are you kidding we were so happy to have them here we forgot pictures. I have to have my friend Stephany teach me how to have a good time and take pictures.

We were sad to see them leave and can't wait until they come back in Aug. By then we will have boxing gloves for Robert for when they leave again. LOL Robert.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kory's Birthday extravangza

March 27 is Kory's birthday >>>> He had to work bummer.

So on Saturday the kids and I decided to give him a "Relaxing" only Saturday and birthday celebration.

Part 1
Breakfast sort of in bed ( OK we let him sleep in and then ate in the living room)
we had Denver Omelets. Yummy

Part 2

Watch favorite movie Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail. We really didn't need the sound we all know the lines.

Part 3
A trip to a secret location see the video below.

Part 4

An Ohana party for Ariels 12th ( how did she get so old??) Birthday.

Part 5
A great NAP!

Part 6
Steak Dinner with just the wife. ( all the kids went to a dance)

Part 7


Happy Birthday Kory.

Monday, March 23, 2009

AHHHHH I think I like Mondays.

Saturday March 21 was Kyle first dance And I got to be a chaperon.

Yeah for me********* not so good for Kyle well I didn't bug him too much I did my best to let him have his space he did great he Deacon shuffled with his friends and brother for a song or two them went and asked the Laurels from our ward to dance. Nice aiming TEX. Shoot high.

He seemed to have a great time and found out that having the mom there meant a free trip to Wendy's for frosty's after the dance.

Oh By The Way the other children and all the friends threatened me with death and worse if I took a camera so no Pictures of this wonderful event.

I think he will go back next month >>> he did talk to girls there and Isiah will make sure he always has a wing man.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mama and Papa Are moved in!

So finally after many months Mama and Pap are moved into thier new house.

At Thanksgiving the g-parents informed us that they had decided to do a reverse mortage and would be up grading the home they live in. WOW and good news, oh but they have to be out in by December 5.

We do a run out to Hemet on the next Saturday. We were expecting a big day but nothing compared to what happened as we got out of the car. Kathy who has said that the PT Cruiser hates her Proved it by having the car eat her finger. Her "BAD" finger was smashed really really smashed by the car door. Jacquelyn just yelled MOM and I knew something had happened. She won the best big sister award for opening the car door off the finger. ( OK I believe the car hates her now.)

We got there to find that because of their health, not much had been packed. so in one day we packed and moved them into a storage unit and the ( don't ask) empty house they control next door. By 11:30 we were done even Kathy helped splint and all. BTW she lost the finger nail it was so bad.

We would be going back early in Janurary when the new house would be delievered and set up. we were all excited. Mam and Papa really deserve a new house and this is a super upgrade.

So fast forward to March all the red tape is cut the house is in all is well....until the Code Inforcement called saying the other house was in violation and would be red tagged in 5 days. Oh my we now have to get all the stuff out of the other house >>>gesh .

Kory is the good son and is deflecting the Code Enforcement people and sets up a day to clear out the other house. Saturday>>> Of Roadshow. UM not working for any of us. New plan Thursday thats when we will go move them.

We show up to find that Papa has hired someone to clear out the other house and put all of the contents on his driveway. All we had to do is put everything away .Yipee for our team . 6 hours of work later the master bedroom has the funriture, cable, and closet set up and the knick nacs Still in boxes near the shelves they go onto. The Living room has the furniture put in place and all the videos still in boxes in front of the entertainment center. The china cabnet which hasn't seen light of day for 16 years is out and while not completely filled the stuff is in the boxes right next to it ready to be unpacked. ( we will see how great a job I did packing so many years ago.)

We made it home by 11:00 and showers and all done by midnight. I am so proud that all the kids got up for seminary and zero period classes Friday morning.

Kathy got the best part of the thank you gift her room was clean and all her laundry done when she came home from school. The boys room is for next week. I couldn't tell clean from dirty or up from down for that matter.

Friday after school was roadshow pratice till 9:00pm and playing video games after that till ???? I went to bed at midnight. Isiah and Will spent the night knowing we were out by 7:00am the next day.

Saturday At 8:15 was a preformance at the Pacific Symphony lobby ( wow the sounded great) and we all got to see the Magic Flute in a children experienceing the arts show. As soon as we were done race to the car with 5 of the kids in the roadshow,including the Director and one of the main characters. we were only 1 hour late for tha call for Roadshow. WOOO HOOO (As soon as I figure out how to load the video to my computer I will add it to Youtube.)

Roadshow pratice went on until the night was done at 7:30 that night.

Again how proud a mom is when her kids make it to the right place at the right time and in the right clothes. Kyle was set apart as a Teacher in the Aaronic Priesthood on sunday March 15. We are proud that the Little family was all there and in a good mood.

Sunday>>>>>NAPS ARE MANDATORY!!!! we haven't been home for more than a nap in days.
Kameron made a great soup for Lunch yummy. Potato cheese.
Saturday morning