Thursday, September 22, 2011

trying to be good

Ok I am going to be good. I have two years of information to get to alot of people. Ok really there may not be that many people who want to know everything in our lives and really I don't share all of it.

So Kameron will be going to Antofagasta Chile for 2 years. I am so happy for this but I also will miss the kid a ton. So far we have purchased almost everything on his mission list save a few small things.

We took the kid to the Temple  He made it out alive and seemed to have a wonderful time. He wants to go back so that's a plus.

Kathy is back from her 6 week US tour. She had a wonderful time and visited many many places. see her blog for an update. (ChattyKathy)

Kyle has started his Junior year in HS. He is back to wrestling (3rd year) and working toward Varsity 220lbs. Right now he is set for JV heavyweight. He is a good example to the younger wrestlers. On a personal note he is trying out surfing. he is doing ok. He has a great time hanging with the surfing wrestlers. that should be enough of an imiage to keep you busy for a while. 

Jacs and Robert are waiting to see which residencies want to hire him. they have had some offers and will keep getting more of them. We are still praying for where he will be the best Dr. and really close to the west coast would be great.

Jacs and James are filling the days playing learning and listening to some great music.They are going to learn some sign language so that maybe James will use signs instead of screaming when he wants something.

Ok so everyone is up to speed.

I am hoping to keep us in touch every couple of days might be great.

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