Saturday, April 17, 2010

April and waiting

It is April and we are waiting for a baby, the sunshine, and life to tell us what happens next.

Everything is easy right now and we just wait.

let you know soon

Monday, January 25, 2010

so you are supossed to blog once a quarter right

It has been crazy.

Kids had summer

summer ate the days and school started.

Kameron became a Senior, Kathy became a Junior. Kyle Became a Freshman. I became old

Jackie and Robert called on our anniversary to tell us that we should expect a new Westbrook in April 2010. I got older

re had a birthday I thought I had last year. oh well 45 is ok I got oldest

I helped my mom try to keep her house .... lost super hero points on that one. I got older than oldest

Jac and Rob came back to Sunny CA after MI it was great. ( we hope they will have a "Home" soon) good luck studying Rob.

Had Christmas it was nice.

Had new years eve for the first time in 8 or 9 years Kory was home. I almost left 2 minutes before the hour . hey I had kids at a dance that ended at 12. I got in trouble ;)

Watched Jasc grow a person she has a cute tummy .

Went to Texas to save my mom. Found out that she liked it there and didn't really want saved anyway left her there. got even older.

Found out I have 150 years of genealogy papers the file copy and sort. I got overwhelmed.

looking forward to what comes next.