Monday, January 25, 2010

so you are supossed to blog once a quarter right

It has been crazy.

Kids had summer

summer ate the days and school started.

Kameron became a Senior, Kathy became a Junior. Kyle Became a Freshman. I became old

Jackie and Robert called on our anniversary to tell us that we should expect a new Westbrook in April 2010. I got older

re had a birthday I thought I had last year. oh well 45 is ok I got oldest

I helped my mom try to keep her house .... lost super hero points on that one. I got older than oldest

Jac and Rob came back to Sunny CA after MI it was great. ( we hope they will have a "Home" soon) good luck studying Rob.

Had Christmas it was nice.

Had new years eve for the first time in 8 or 9 years Kory was home. I almost left 2 minutes before the hour . hey I had kids at a dance that ended at 12. I got in trouble ;)

Watched Jasc grow a person she has a cute tummy .

Went to Texas to save my mom. Found out that she liked it there and didn't really want saved anyway left her there. got even older.

Found out I have 150 years of genealogy papers the file copy and sort. I got overwhelmed.

looking forward to what comes next.


  1. welcome back to the blogging world :)
    our blog is

  2. once a quarter is great :) better than once a year. The Mikesell house sounds like a Zoo and you aren't old till you hit 100. Love you!