Sunday, June 7, 2009

I really do Love Jacs and Robert.

So the last blog was March.... so I guess that makes me a regular blogger. once a decade makes a blog correct.

In April we had a great surprise Jacks and Robert came home (?) for Spring break. We had a great time with them we got to play and hang out. it was a very fun time. all the kids got to skip a day of school ( oops I can't post that for a week). we all learned to play a card game that kept us up way too late and was super fun.

do I have pictures?? NO are you kidding we were so happy to have them here we forgot pictures. I have to have my friend Stephany teach me how to have a good time and take pictures.

We were sad to see them leave and can't wait until they come back in Aug. By then we will have boxing gloves for Robert for when they leave again. LOL Robert.

1 comment:

  1. you wont need boxing gloves, you'll need kleenex. :)