Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the start


We hope that if you are here you are a friend. if not pull up a stool and have a seat sit a spell and enjoy a tale or two.
We hope to fill in those great stories our kids always want us to quote. "I don't make the rules I just enforce them"
The day dad lit his face on fire, and other great gems of our family.

I am Tina the mom and mystic finder of all lost things.

We have the Dad Kory who never looses his wallet but has been lost once.

Jacquelyn who is lost>>> Nope correction she is just married and in the Caribbean with her husband Robert.

Kameron who isn't as lost as people mistake him as being.

Kathy who is forever asking where her swim gear is but never her cell phone.

and Kyle who lost his little kid-ness today Happy birthday. enjoy the dance next Saturday!!

we have 2 cats Split who has been here since Kyle was 2 and is now just ole and cranky. Comet is the new
cat on the block she came home under the cover of a weekend Kory came home to "Isn't she cute??" she has to stay we've had her for 3 days. she likes us....which was jumping the gun since she bites at every chance.

There is also a tank of fishes who just hang out in the kitchen begging to be fed as each person walks by. every seen a 4 pound mollie?

come on back often to see what tales we may tell.

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