Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the regular schedule

It is a usual day in dry gulch first alarm rings at 5:15 AM get Kameron up into the shower. snooze rings at 5:27 get kameron out of shower yell at kathy to get up. Listen to Kameron move around and get ready for seminary wait for snooze to go off 5:40 hit snooze check that kameron is up /dressed/fed/ready Yell at kathy to get up we now have 30 minutes. Get dressed/makeup /ready to leave. Yell at kathy that we now have 10 minutes till we leave and she should really get out of bed now. Ask Kameron if I need to sign any papers, see anything, check on schedule for the day.
Yell at kathy that I will not wait for her and she should really get out of bed we have 5 minutes. Waks Kyle up for family prayer. Remind kathy that she cannot wear PJ's to prayer as we are leaving right afterward. Remind kathy that PJ's are NOT school attire. ( Even if swimmer do often look like they are in PJ's) Get everyone assembled for Family Prayer. Hope Heavenly Father can understand the sleepy mumble and doesn't mind the very sleepy people.

Tell Kyle to shower ect. and be ready in 30 minutes. drive Kathy and Kameron to seminary. Come home check facebook, school e-mail, home e-mail. check that Kyle is out of the shower check clock wwooyooo if we aren't late. drop Kyle off at school for zero period choir ( which may just kill him each and every day) drive 1/4 block to church wait 20 minutes for seminary to get out. ( can't read eyes don't work at 7:00 am ) Tried knitting looked really old. just listen to radio.
drive kathy and kam to school. drive the same track in reverse to get to work by 7:45.

The I get to be the librarian for 550 kids for the day.

Tomorrow do it all again.